Let's celebrate.

Pixida’s 10th Anniversary – We look back on exciting, eventful and successful years!

On May 5th, 2008, the Pixida’s story has begun. Founded in a competitive market and in the midst of an economic crisis, it has established and developed successfully in the following years.

For such a decision, it needs a vision, courage, great passion and an unqualified belief in one's own plans. The two founders had these properties . Today, they represent a company that not only provides consulting services but also develops its own products, has 200 employees worldwide and four subsidiaries, three of them abroad (US, Brazil & China).

Ever since the company was founded, consultants and developers face every day challenges associated with the creation of highly complex technological products. In flexible and interdisciplinary teams, they work in the areas of Business & Engineering Services, Software Development, Cloud Solutions and Data Analytics.

As part of a comprehensive restructuring and the founding of the subsidiary PI Labs GmbH in 2016, Pixida significantly expanded its portfolio with its own product and in-house development divisions. The initial focus on the automotive industry has been gradually extended to other industries over the years. Pixida’s customers today include strong market players in the areas of commercial vehicles, logistics, public transport, rail, insurance, energy and IT.

When Johann Neubauer and Iota Dimou founded Pixida, it was clear to them: employees and customers are the focus. Openness and transparency as well as professionalism, efficiency and flexibility were from the beginning one of the core characteristics on which the still young company built and with which to this day the company offers its customers the promised competence and quality.

The strong value orientation is expressed in particular in the established principles and the mission statement developed by employees. The two managing directors rely on appreciation, transparency and partnership. For this reason, they actively involve their employees in the company's business and success. This fact sets Pixida apart crucially from its competitors. Top marks on several rating platforms and various corporate awards, including the award as a finalist at “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes”, show this and also testify the ongoing loyalty and satisfaction of Pixida colleagues.

The company name is not chosen randomly. "Pyxis" is a constellation of the southern sky and means "ship's compass". An instrument that has been guiding people the right way for centuries. For us it is a synonym for the highest goal orientation and therefore anchored in the logo as the most important symbol for our performance promise.

Here and today we would like to thank our employees, customers, partners, friends and all supporters for the first ten years - without you we would not be where we are today! We look forward to the new paths that we will go together in the years that are to follow!

Sincerely, Your Pixida Team.

Founders of Pixida